Why We Challenge

Dartmouth is an incredible community that unifies students through shared experiences like DOC trips, sophomore summer, sports games, Greek life, and time in the classroom. As such, Dartmouth becomes much more than just academics, and the love we develop for the Big Green is clearly felt both while an undergrad and years after as an alumnus. Yet within the daily hustle of meetings, classes, and planning, it becomes easy to get caught up in the grind and forget about the incredible community and support around us.

However, when we lose people in our Big Green family, it quickly takes us back a step. We stop and reflect. It reminds us how special this community and the people that comprise this family are. In the darkness of midterms and finals of winter 2014, the Dartmouth community was rocked by the sudden deaths of two dear friends, Blaine Steinberg ’15 and Torin Tucker ’15. As a community, we came together to help one another through these awful times. Hundreds of people paused studying, paused writing term final papers, and we mourned together. It was a showing of love and compassion that demonstrated the very best of the Dartmouth community.

In May 2015 we first came together for The Memorial Challenge as a way to remember and embody Blaine and Torin’s positive energy and full-spirited approach to life. To create the space for the Dartmouth family to take a step back from our daily busy lives and appreciate just being together. To use the shared experience as a chance to remind ourselves what makes the Dartmouth community so great: our people.

We wanted to provide a space that was inclusive of everyone, from the most casual of gym-goers to varsity athletes. A space that didn’t weigh whether or not you were affiliated, what you studied, or how you spent your time in Hanover. An event that allowed us all to step away from the grind, have fun, push ourselves together, and grow as a Dartmouth community through that process. This event grows each year as we Challenge as a community and we hope you’ll join us this year!

Depending on the city in which you participate in The Memorial Challenge, the exact movements and course flow might be a bit different. Some might be a series of time stations, where you do pushups at one station for 30 seconds, burpees in the next for 30, etc. Other events, for example, might be a stadium stair workout, with some pushups and other movements mixed in.

For the most updated Challenge information, please see the event page of The Memorial Challenge event nearest you.

All proceeds from The Memorial Challenge are used to support youth leadership and community development initiatives within Positive Tracks, the Live Like Blaine Foundation, and Post58. In addition to supporting Positive Tracks, they are helping us with organization, recruitment, logistics, and fundraising. They will double donations for all three organizations up to $23 for every U23 participant who joins The Memorial Challenge!